July 26, 2019

Scanning a Pineapple with MRI

Back in April, we had a few prospective students come to visit Boston University. As part of their visit, we gave them a tour of the Cognitive Neuroimaing Center and scanned a pineapple!

animated MRI scan of a pineapple

Back in April, we had some prospective students visiting as part of my program's Diversity Travel Fellowship Program. During their visit the prospective students had lunch with current graduate students studying neuroscience, toured a few labs, and did some sightseeing around Boston. In the afternoon, I helped conduct a tour of the Cognitive Neuroimaing Center and we scanned a pineapple together! Here I've uploaded interactive versions of two different scans from that day:

If you like these images, I totally recommend that you go check out Andy Ellison's blog "Inside Insides." There he has uploaded scans from a few dozen fruits, vegetables, as well as a cacti and flowers. I think my favorite is the watermelon. Enjoy!